Whether it is a complex land use matter, a question of water rights or rates, risk management liability, the integrity of the election process or governmental transparency, Aleshire & Wynder is there to serve clients as they make decisions on behalf of their taxpayer constituents.

Utilities / Energy

Energy and Utilities


Our long-standing and diverse experience with California public agencies over the past several decades allows us to provide cutting-edge advice and advocacy in the field of energy and utility issues.  Legal practice involving energy and utility providers continues to emerge and evolve with inveterate changes in regulations, technology and climate conditions, as well as limited natural resources to meet the demands of a growing population.  Adding to our depth to meet client needs is our expertise in related practice areas including the Environment & Natural Resources, Franchises, Litigation, Public Finance, and Water.


  • Ordinance drafting to regulate landfills, solid waste collection and disposal, pipeline franchises,  and water conservation and rates.
  • Negotiating operating and maintenance agreements, facility lease agreements, and franchise agreements for utilities including petroleum, natural gas, water, solid waste, cable, and telecommunications.
  • Negotiating the documentation of, and the politics for, Battery Energy Storage Systems, including the largest battery energy storage project in the U.S., which is currently proposed in Morro Bay.
  • Real property transactional work, litigation and eminent domain matters pertaining to gas, energy storage systems, electric utilities, and landfills.
  • Right-of-way management and development of and compliance with encroachment permits.
  • Creating, acquiring, and operating municipal utilities such as water distribution and sewer collection systems.
  • Rate-setting representation in matters before the California Public Utilities Commission and rates set by local public agencies under Proposition 218.
  • Compliance with AB 939, SB 1383, and related new laws for waste and recycling services.
  • CEQA and NEPA environmental regulations.
  • The Federal Clean Water Act, and California Porter-Cologne Act for water quality regulations.
  • Development of municipal resource recovery and transfer stations (MRF/TS) and waste-to-energy systems.  
  • Development, financing and operations of landfills, energy storage systems, Wastewater Treatment Plants and disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Public bidding for cable and telecommunications agreements, including wireless facilities and cell-tower siting.
  • Up-to-the-minute tracking of climate change regulations at the Federal and State levels to ensure the most advantageous advice is given to clients.