A&W Attorneys Negotiate a $7.9 Million Settlement

A&W Partners Steven O’Neill & Christine M. Carson negotiate a $7.9 million settlement from Southern California Edison on behalf of the water district for Woolsey fire claims.

“LVMWD’s service area experienced one of the worst disasters in the area’s history and suffered millions of dollars in losses from the Woolsey Fire,” said Keith Lemieux, LVMWD’s General Counsel. “This settlement will help LVMWD with the costs of restoration without passing that cost through to its customers,” Lemieux added.

LVMWD’s settlement, which covers specific types of property damage not covered by insurance or disaster relief, does not affect the claims of residents, businesses, or other public agencies affected by the fires.

LVMWD filed its lawsuit against SCE entities in 2021, and Hon. Margaret Nagle (Ret.), a Mediator with JAMS, a private provider of mediation and arbitration services mediated the dispute.

LVMWD was represented by Steven O’Neill and Christine M. Carson of Aleshire & Wynder in the Woolsey matter.

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