A&W Celebrates Special Districts Week

Special Districts Week, May 19-25, 2024 will be proclaimed by the State Legislature with approval of Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 163.

ACR 163 is sponsored by The California Special Districts Association (CSDA), a statewide association representing over 1,000 special districts and affiliate organizations throughout the state. Special districts are local government entities created by a community’s residents, funded by those residents, and overseen by those residents, to provide specialized services and infrastructure.

“Special districts are formed by residents to provide essential services that they want and need at the local level. They provide an opportunity to have local control while enhancing services that make communities survive and thrive,” said CSDA’s CEO Neil McCormick. “We appreciate the Legislature’s support in raising awareness and increasing understanding about the special districts that serve our State’s communities.”

Some of the services that special districts provide include fire protection, sanitation, water, recreation & parks, community services, and many others. A&W is proud to represent many special districts throughout California, and we look forward to our continuing partnerships in the future.

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