AB 548: New Requirements for Code Enforcement Agencies

On October 11, 2023, Gov. Newsom signed AB 548, which imposes new requirements on local agencies concerning code enforcement inspections and adds Section 17970.7 to the Health and Safety Code. Specifically, AB 548 requires local code enforcement agencies to develop policies and procedures for inspecting additional units in a multifamily building if a code officer determines that a unit is substandard or violates the State Housing Law, and the code officer determines the violation could reasonably impact other units. Upon determining that other units are reasonably impacted, the local agency must provide the property owner with a notice or order to repair/abate within a reasonable time after the inspection is completed.

A local agency’s policies and procedures must meet the following requirements: (1) include criteria needed to trigger additional inspections, taking into account building type, age, size and history of violations; (2) require inspectors/officers to reasonably attempt to inspect additional units at the property, including at least units adjacent to, above, and below the affected unit; and (3) allow for the inspection of all units if severe, building-wide violations are identified.

AB 548 requires compliance by January 1, 2025. Local agencies should, if they have not already, begin the process of evaluating their codes and ordinances and develop a plan to comply with AB 548 by the aforementioned deadline. The full text of AB 548 and Section 17970.7 of the Health and Safety Code are available at the following link.


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