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Our Purpose

Our Firm

Aleshire & Wynder is a “full service” public law firm.  We provide our public agency clients with a wide spectrum of legal specialties, including in land use and zoning, personnel and labor, environment, affordable housing, conflicts of interest, elections, condemnation, police, civil rights, code enforcement and public finance.

Our senior members have represented cities in California continuously for over 40 years. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with our city clients, some dating back to the 1970’s.  The best testimony to our qualifications is that our attorneys have represented the cities as City Attorney for a cumulative period of more than 100 years.  This type of longevity is rare in our field of law.

Our client base goes beyond representation of cities.  We represent public agencies of every possible nature.  Our public agency client base consists of over 50 local governmental entities, including serving in various communities as special and general counsel to successor agencies, housing authorities, water districts, community service districts, financing authorities, special districts, joint powers authorities and many other entities.  Of course, the skills learned through that representation can also benefit private clients.

As a full service public law firm we handle all aspects of most legal issues confronting municipalities. Thus, we handle police and civil rights cases for cities with police departments, federal interface issues for airports, personnel issues and labor negotiations, general plan revision programs, subdivision legal issues, conflict of interest questions including interfacing with the FPPC ethics training, counseling and compliance (including AB 1234), public record requests, adoption of city charters, franchising programs and utility undergrounding, condemnation cases for site assembly for economic development and housing projects, negotiation of purchase, development agreements, impact fee ordinances, assessment districts and other public financing as well as municipal finance and Proposition 218 issues, cable television franchise ordinances, endangered species questions, CEQA litigation, environmental cleanup and mining reclamation plans, trash contract renewals and AB 939 issues, construction contract disputes and litigation, and community choice energy aggregation.