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Preliminary Injunction Granted for the City of Rialto In Groundwater Litigation

Partner Fred Galante serves as City Attorney for the City of Rialto, and lawyers from Aleshire & Wynder’s Water Practice Group represent the City in a groundwater lawsuit against Fontana Water Company.  Along with co-plaintiffs City of Colton and West Valley Water District, Rialto sought a preliminary injunction against Fontana Water Company to limit the amount of water they extract yearly from a groundwater basin to a specified amount pursuant to a stipulated judgment from 1961.  Fontana Water Company has extracted water in excess of its allotment for several years, which is what the plaintiffs seek to remedy with the litigation.  On February 13, 2015, San Bernardino Superior Court Judge Bryan Foster granted a motion for a preliminary injunction in Rialto’s favor after Partner Wesley A. Miliband and Associate Miles P. Hogan appeared and argued at the hearing on Rialto’s behalf.  Fontana Water Company must comply with the ruling and cannot extract water beyond its entitlement for the remainder of this water year and the pending litigation.

Here is a link to an article discussing the ruling.