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June S. Ailin to Speak at Inverse Condemnation Webinar

June S. Ailin will be one of the speakers for a July 18, 2017 webinar entitled “Inverse Condemnation Litigation: Strategies for Municipal Attorneys for Avoiding and Defending Taking Claims.”  The 90-minute webinar (10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. PDT), with interactive Q&A, will be hosted by Strafford Publications.  Ms. Ailin will be speaking on strategies for avoiding inverse condemnation claims.

Ms. Ailin is a partner in the firm who specializes in property acquisition matters, including eminent domain and inverse condemnation.  Ms. Ailin’s property acquisition and eminent domain practice has included total and partial takings for public works projects such as flood control, street widening and freeway projects, as well as acquisition for redevelopment and reuse of blighted properties.  Her property acquisition experience includes unusual properties such as a water company, and unusual property interests, such as real property use restrictions.  In the course of this work, Ms. Ailin has defeated challenges to the public agency’s right to take property and claims for precondemnation damages.  In cases that have gone to a jury trial on compensation, the majority of the verdicts Ms. Ailin has obtained have been favorable to the condemning agency.  In the inverse condemnation arena, Ms. Ailin has obtained court rulings holding that no taking has occurred.