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A&W Lawyers to Speak at 2011 City Attorneys' Spring Conference

Aleshire & Wynder’s Rent Control and Mobilehome Park Law Team (including Partners Bill Wynder, Sunny Soltani, and Associate Jeff Malawy) were invited to prepare a paper for presentation at the 2011 City Attorneys’ Spring Conference, to be held May 4 - 6 at Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite.  Entitled “Resident Surveys, General Plans & Police Powers -- Recent Development in Mobilehome Park Conversion Litigation,” the paper details the “current state of the law” regarding mobilehome park conversions under Government Code § 66427.5, discusses the plethora of pending litigation in this area, and considers the implications of the same for local municipalities with rent stabilization ordinances.  The paper also reviews SB 444, a bill currently pending in the state legislature to clarify ambiguities in current law.  Bill Wynder, a founding partner of the firm, will present the paper to the conference on behalf of the team.  To obtain a copy of this paper as presented at the City Attorneys’ Spring Conference of the League of California Cities, see: .